Automating recruitment, engagement, sampling and incentive management processes transform your manual procedures into efficient, organize and reliable digital process.

SURVEY Management

Streamlining the research invitation process to increase the ability run multiple projects simultaneously, take on more projects and know exactly where each project is in your workflow.


Create easy or complex multi-lingual surveys with the Q One Survey Designer. The Survey Designer comes with three expertise modes for starters and for experts. The Q One Survey Designer comes with more than 17 different and free editable question types, template surveys and template questions. Surveys scripted with the system are white labeled and responsive, therefore can be entered via a smartphone or tablet.


The system comes with more integrated business solutions such as a quotation tool, a task manager, an instant messenger, a CRM capable of importing contacts from Salesforce, Google Mail or Outlook and many other useful additions. The Q One Platform works collaboratively across all disciplines within a market research organisation. This makes it easy to collaborate, coordinate and communicate with a team and with the client anytime, anywhere.

Panel Management

Unlimited panels

Create and manage unlimited customizable, multi-country B2B and B2C panels.

Panel Join Survey

Join survey for panel member segmentation.

Data Maintenance

Panel data is updated with each new project.

Panel Invitation

Utilize multiple channels to invite respondents to join your panels.

Import Panel

Import your panels from other systems with the import wizard

Offer Panel Member Rewards

Bulk payment and individual withdraw request management. Reward systems based on respondent locations.

Panel Member Self-Serve Portal

A custom self-serve portal with your company’s branding is created for your panel members.

Referral Program

Referral plug in to add new panel members.

Certification Index

12-point panel member certification to validate a panel members validity.

Response Rate Calculation

Automated response rate evaluation and invite preference.

Multilingual Panels

Support for creating panels in all languages.

Multilingual Panel Translation Upload

Upload language translations for multiple languages using our Microsoft Excel template.

Financial Reports

Incentive reports and payment forecast reports for your financial control.

Edit Members

Track activities of single and multiple panel members and edit panel member details.

Smart Incentives

Intelligent system to offer incentives based on panel member engagement.

Custom Panel Member Dashboard

Create custom panel member dasboards in your own web-environment with the Q One Platform Widgets.
Survey Management

Unlimited Projects

Run unlimited projects simultaneously.

Selection And Target Group Segmentation

Select panel members based on their profile, validity and responsiveness during the invitation process for the best possible project result.

Internal and external surveys

Use internal scripted surveys or plug in surveys scripted in another software.

Internal And External Panels

Use your own panels or panels from third party providers.

Customizable Landing Pages

Customize your landing pages and add target URL's.

Respondent Tracking and Statistics

Track individual panel members and how they responded.

Real-time Reports

Robust real time reporting and status analytics.

Multi Channel Survey Distribution

Utilize multiple channels to distribute your surveys.

Personalized Email Invitation (mail merge)

Seamless e-mail integration with company databases.

Reminder Email Functionality

Send reminder e-mails to those who have not completed the survey.

Project History

Tracking of a project, e-mail and calling (optional) history for easy work transfer.

Survey Link Type

Use single, multiple or panel member specific survey links for your projects.

Reminder Cycle

Fully automate the frequency and amount of your survey reminders.
Survey Design

Standard Question Types

Select from the 20 most common question types to quickly create online surveys.

Calendar Questions

Screen respondents and schedule interviews with calendar questions in surveys.

Mobile Compatible Surveys

Format your survey for improved delivery on mobile devices.

Custom Buttons

Create custom survey buttons that route to other URL's or trigger direct and scheduled emails.

Question Preview

Create questions and quickly preview them.

Survey Word View

Review your surveys on one page and print it to PDF or process it in MS Word.

Scripting Modes

Use the scripting modes novice, normal and expert for your level of expertise in scripting surveys.

Customize Surveys with your Brand Logo

Quickly upload and insert your logo and custom text into survey header.

Survey Publishing

MOdify surveys in design mode without changing live surveys. Publish after testing.

Branching / Skip Logic

Sophisticated multi-level branching and survey paging. Includes branching to the end of the survey.

Quota Wizard

Simple and sophisticated quota wizard to create up to three dimensional quotas.

Survey Templates and Question Library

Hundreds of survey templates and thorough question library for easy survey creation.

Report Wizard

Create custom online reports with the report wizard for each survey.

Export to SPSS, SSS CSV, Excel

Easily extract your survey data for further analysis and presentation with the Q One Platform Export generator.

Advanced Error Check

Check your surveys for errors and inconsistencies with the survey error checker and the consistency control feature.

Multimedia Support (images, audio, video)

Insert images, music and movie clips.

Multilingual Surveys

Support for creating surveys in all languages.

Multilingual Survey Translation Upload

Upload language translations for multiple questions and languages using our Microsoft Excel template.

Advanced Branching Logic

Complete control over survey flow: Extraction, Piping, Chaining, Show Hide Logic, and more.

Customizable Survey Theme

Complete control over look and feel of the survey.

Custom Survey Scripting

The robust custom scripting module of the Q One Platform allows you to create custom logic and control the end user experience.
Sales Management

Proposal Overview

Monitor and manage running proposals and evaluate lost opportunities.

Quotation Wizard

Create proposals quickly with the proposal wizard.

Unlimited costing sheets

You can create unlimited, client specific, multi-country costing sheets.

Customer Self-Serve Portal

A customer self-serve portal for your clients to create ball park proposals and contact your sales team directly with the project outlines.

Sales Log

Sales log feature for internal communication.

Contact Manager

Upload and manage your contacts. Import contacts from other sources like Outlook, Google Mail or Salesforce.

Image Manager

Upload, modify and manage images used throughout your system.


Create custom project, panel and financial reports.

Help & Tutorials

The system comes with a manual, tutorial video's, examples and downloadable templates.

Collaborative Taskmanager

Create, assign and manage tasks from anywhere in the system or directly from a project.

Integrated Instant Messenger

Chat with your team or individual members. Instant calls or conference calls with the optional QPhone add on directly from the instant messenger.
Paid add-on

QBox Cloud Storage

All files and project documentation are saved in the cloud storage and can be shared with teams and clients.
Paid add-on


Integrated soft dialer for internal and external calls. Calls and replies can become automated and recorded.
Paid add-on

Daily Dashboard

See tasks assigned to you, open projects, well performing projects and under-performers at one glance.
And more

User And Permission Management

Add additional users to the account, control read/write access.

Multiple User Accounts

Standard: 3

Additional User Accounts


Project Feasibility Check

Check the feasibility of your projects based on panel quality and quantity. The system learns over time and gives more accurate forecasts.

Standard Email Support

24*7 support. Response time within one business day.

Priority Email Support

Guaranteed reply within 2 hours 24/7. Issue solving prioritized over other issues.

Dedicated Account Manager

Benefit from an assigned account manager and priority phone support 24 hours/day.

Dedicated Mail Servers

Your organization has dedicated mail servers for survey invitations.

Finance Software API

Connect the Q One Platform to your own finance software
(depending on your finance software package). Contact us to find out more.

January 2019

  • Member Status: The entire member status section has been refurbished and many processes have been simplified and automated to make panel management more efficient.
  • Reinvite Process Improvement: The process of reinviting panel members who were invited to a study unsuccesfully has been greatly improved.
  • Landing Page Storage: Information entered on landing pages is now stored directly when tabbing out an input field.
  • Supplier Redirects: A new option to suppler redirects has been added to make adding suppliers to your projects even more flexible.
  • Quarantine: A new option has been added to the panel management system. It is now possible to put doubtful panel members into quarantine. From here you can check out if a member is legit before activating or removing a member.

December 2018

  • Member Activity Analysis: The new addition "Member Activity Analysis" allows you to analyse the panel member activity of individual members over time in the edit member section. The analysis captures and visualizes all survey activity of a panel member.
  • Customizable Landing Page Settings: It is now possible to modify the complete landing page in more detail. The new tab "Landing Page Settings" on the panels page allows you to switch on various elements on the complete landing page, auto-fill them individually if information on panel members is present and make fields optional or mandatory.
  • New Identifier: For companies that allow their panel members to register with duplicate email addresses it was required to have unique panel names (Panel First Name / Panel Last Name). The new ‘Nickname’ option allows panel members to even keep their panel names and identify other panel members, using the same email and name details with a nickname (e.g. parents registering their children for patients or B2C panels).
  • Conditional question and invite texts: In the survey designer question, answer option texts and in survey invitations it is now possible to display text conditionally based on answers given earlier in a survey.
  • Direct Survey Report Access: Create survey result reports with the reportal wizard directly from the project overview.
  • more than 20 other updates, enhancements and improvements.
Update December 2018

November 2018

  • Spam checks: It is now possible to check your invitation content on spam sensitive content.
  • Optional Panel Emails: It is now possible to turn emails sent by the system on or off.
  • Get Started Redesigned: The Q One Platform is constantly updated. Updates with fixes an new features are released in cycles of 2 – 4 weeks. The redesign ‘Get Started’ page shows everything that is new or has changed with direct links to the updated features and their sections in the manual.
  • Additional Reports: The reports features has 3 additional reports on panel, response rates and project efficiency.
Update November 2018

October 2018

  • Copy invite content: It is now possible to copy the content of an invite made earlier for a project.
  • Alternate Project Code: It is now possible to have custom project codes.
  • Panel Join Source: The source of where a newly joined panel member is entering a join survey can now be registered.
Update October 2018

September 2018

  • Feasibility Addition ‘Exclude On Email’: If panel members joined multiple panels of a company, this new feature allows you to exclude panel members with the same email address in multi-panel projects.
  • Import Wizard Improvements: The auto-match function and match speed has been greatly improved. If the column headers and options in the panel join survey and the upload Excel match, no manual matching is required.
  • Answer Options Paste Settings: This new feature allows to bulk paste answer options, with custom answer codes and criteria logic on answer options.
  • Button Criteria: Button criteria can now be set directly on buttons without using scripts.
  • Loop Question Search and replace fields: It is now possible to include loop questions in logic and routings inside and outside of loops.
  • Dynamic Survey Page Update Improvements: The way surveys update their content dynamically on logic has been improved and works much faster.
Update September 2018

August 2018

  • Panel Update: It is now possible to include loop questions in panel join surveys. Loops are a series of questions, based on a multiple choice/many answers question. Feasibility and all panel related features such as the upload wizard, edit members and the panel member dashboard and many more have been updated to support this new feature.
  • Multiple Choice Search Fields: Include search fields in multiple choice questions for quick answer search.
  • Feasibility & Selections Export: Export files on selection export and selection exports done on sample-counter/invite now include additional project related fields.
  • Customizable Export Additions: It is now possible to add panel member information to feasibility and selection exports. The answers panel members gave to questions when joining a panel can be set in the panel set up and will then be included in exports.
  • Feasibility Addition ‘Load/Save/Combine’: The floating window on the feasibility feature has now a button called ‘Load/Save/Combine’. This button opens a pop up window in which selections can be stored in 5 slots and combined with other selections. This feature allows to make very detailed and complex selections with panel join surveys, typical for consumer or patients panels.
Update August 2018

July 2018

  • Panel join loop: You can now loop the panel join survey if you want panel applicants to fill in the registration form multiple times.
  • New Duplicate Email Support: Depending on your company settings, it is now possible to allow panel members to register with the same email address multiple times as long as the user name of the panel member is different for each account.
  • New Panel Member Dashboard Account Drop Down: Panel members in companies with the ‘duplicate emails allowed feature’ enabled, will see a drop down on their panel member dashboard, which will allow them to switch between accounts.
  • New Panel Questions In Invites: In invitation emails you can now refer to panel survey questions with a search and replace field.
Update July 2018

June 2018

  • The system manual became a major update. Tutorial video's, code snippets and templates are added.
  • It is now possible to change and customize additional panel member facing items such as the default panel member dashboard pages, various system features such as default survey buttons and other items.
  • The system security has been updated to the highest possible standard.
Update June 2018

May 2018

  • Smart incentives is a new feature that intelligently offers and adopts incentives based on panel member engagement and other variables.
  • The certification index can now be used as a filter in the sample counter and feasibility.
  • Create custom survey reports with the brand new reportal wizard. Select the questions you want to include in your report, add graphics or crosstab data. Each survey can have it's own report.
  • Data export now contain the last page a respondent has visited before closing or canceling an interview.
  • The updated custom survey button feature now allows you to send direct or scheduled emails on button click. Use this to send confirmations to respondents or reminders when they selected an appointement in a calendar question.
Update May 2018

April 2018

  • Personal and company invitation templates help you to share your invitations with others in your company or save your templates in your own folder.
  • Create up to 3 dimensional quotas in the survey designer with the quota wizard tool.
  • Check consistency of your survey data with the consistency checker.
  • View your survey on one page in "Word View" mode. Print your survey directly from the browser.
  • The new change log and developer notes help you to keep on top of survey changes when working collaboratively on survey scripts.
  • The new calendar question type allows you to create scheduling surveys for qualitative interviews.
Update April 2018

March 2018

  • Advanced system filters have been added to the feasibility and sample counter features. With these filters it is possible to select panel members based on their status, certification index, response rate and invite date & status. This new feature makes it possible to find, analyse and understand patterns in panels better and therefore help to improve the panel quality.
  • Exclude panel members from studies based on first letters of first and last names.
  • The new data export wizard allows to customize and define data exports in the format in SPSS, Excel, CSV and SSS.
Update March 2018

February 2018

  • Additional filters have been added to the panel edit section.
  • Validation and required rules in the survey designer have been improved.
  • The heatmap question type has now an optional counter for respondents.
  • The newly added Import Data Wizard allows you to prepopulate information in surveys.
Update February 2017

January 2018

  • Create different versions of your survey, let your client confirm a final version and publish your surveys with the new survey versioning system.
  • Improved survey structure navigator with improved search functionality and icons for each question types.
  • The new "On Hold" setting enables you to pause data collection projects when they are in field.
  • To improve the workflow, the survey designer has now additional quick launch buttons.
  • Additional default settings to the survey designer have been added. Changing layout and survey behaviour became much quicker.
  • Infinite survey loop: Create a complete button to route respondents back to the start of the survey for interviewing with tablets at location.
Update January 2017

December 2017

  • The "Bucket Question" is a new question type in the survey designer. Create buckets and let your respondents drag items into these buckets.
  • The new "Engineering Question" feature help you to run invisible background processes like answer recodings in surveys.
  • With the "Logic Wizard" no scripting knowledge is required to create complex routing and criteria logics for your surveys.
  • Set a company wide survey layout in your company settings. Surveys layouts can be changed individually for each survey.
Update December 2017

November 2017

  • Customize your panel member experience with our panel member widgets. Simply embed our widgets into your website and customize the panel member dashboard with any content you want in any look & feel you want on your own URL.
  • Visualize and customize your panel information with the new panel infographic tool.
  • Use the new file manager to manage and edit images you use in your system and surveys.
Update November 2017

October 2017

  • You can now archive all your quotations so they are available to you in the reports tool. This way you can make sales forecasts and evaluations to improve your sales efforts.
  • The Q One Platform Survey Designer now contains media players which are fully controllable. Display answer options after media has been played. Show hide options to your respondents with embedded media players.
Update October 2017

September 2017

  • Our landing pages now contain your new survey opportunities for your panel members.
  • Visualize survey reports with infographics and custom html reports. It is even possible optimize reports for printing.
Update October 2017

August 2017

  • The new 'Reports' feature allows you to create 18 different system reports. Whether you need panel, project or financial reports: filter and customize your reports to your needs. You can share reports or subscribe to reports in your company.
Update September 2017

July 2017

  • Improved mobile responsive surveys can now easily scripted with the Q One Platform survey designer. Change the question layout and position of questions and answers. Everything you design will be optimized for mobile view.
Update July 2017

June 2017

  • It is now possible to download translation sheet templates for your panel, panel and survey translations in Excel format. Once these files are translated simply upload them into the system.
  • The panel member self-serve portal is now responsive. Panel members can manage their account and withdraw credits via their smartphone.
Update June 2017

What's in the oven?

In this section we will give updates on new features, updates and upgrades to existing features that are currently in progress.

  • DKIM and DMARK support
  • Hybrid incentive payment: Let your panel members chose if they want to get paid after project completion or on withdraw request.
  • Customer Self-serve Portal upgrade: Give clients direct access to your panels and let them run small projects with straight forward surveys directly.